Thursday, March 12, 2009

TST Sneakers

TST Footwear is a premium product utilizing the continuous research by the esteemed cult footwear designer ‘Seishi Tanaka’.

Seishi Tanaka always designs on paper and the line drawn by hand becomes the shape and final design of the shoe. These designs are then realised in premium leather, using the finest Japanese production techniques, to create a shoe of outstanding craft & design.

As a teenager 'Tanaka' completed a scholarship studying golf at North Carolina University in the USA before returning to Japan to work for his family business as a shoemaker. His natural passion in traditional shoe making and design, combined with his acquired knowledge of modern sports technology, led to TST's founding.
'Tanaka' has since worked with leading basketball companies designing technical footwear, and more recently collaborated with famous aspirational brands of the highest level such as Comme des Garcons and Helmut Lang.