Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Neil Barrett S/S 09

Andrew Marc Be The Leather

Ok being that I got my first COC'd out Andrew Marc @ Macy's during their day after Christmas sale I went and did some extra research on his line and found the following. Also get ya purchase power on the above pieces here.

Fine leather apparel and luxurious watches are the trademarks that put Andrew Marc in the luxury fashion industry. Beginning in 1981 with the introduction of his famous leather and fur bomber jacket, Marc has climbed the fashion ladder by setting his designs apart from the rest. He quickly developed leather and cloth outerwear collections based on the concepts driven by his jackets. By doing so, he has become a leader in setting style rather than following the trends of the time.

Marc's company performs all design work in-house and generally begins the design process up to one year in advance of the selling season. His apparel is described as upscale, but secondary labels such as Marc and Andrew Marc Additions are used for upper-moderately priced and bridge designs. With this marketing strategy, Marc is best known for having a strong sense of his customers.

Andrew Marc Schwartz is partnered with his wife, Suzanne Schwartz. Together they combine their unique abilities to cater to the masculine and the feminine. The result is high-quality, mass-appeal fashion. When working with leather, the Andrew Marc collection uses all techniques for designs, including waxing, distress, tie-dye, and water-color. With today's technology, Marc can produce a very thin and supple coat of wax, which gives the skin a smooth polished finish to the touch, but which is still sturdy. In 2000, as wearing suede and leather became more of a year-round fashion trend, Marc's jackets and skirts were in higher demand. For the spring 2001 collection, Marc will offer the waxed leathers in a variety of pastel colors.

In 1986 Marc began producing elegant timepiece watches under the Precision International company. The look and design of the rugged yet exquisite watches were inspired by the Marc bomber jackets. The watches are unique by virtue of their styling and quality is assured by its Swiss-made components and stainless steel construction. Jewels such as synthetic sapphires and rubies are located in the places most subject to wear due to friction. All watches are water-resistant to 330 feet and targeted to consumers who are fashion-oriented, yet want a watch to be sporty, refined, and with easy-to-read features.

By 1998 Marc ventured out to produce a collection of leather and cloth outerwear under the Levi's Dockers label. The new line consisted of women's leather and cloth Dockers outerwear, as well as men's leather Dockers outerwear. Marc continues to develop leather and cloth apparel as well as his unique and elegant watches. His style is modern and chic. Hehas always been a trendsetter, never a follower in the fashion industry. He takes both the masculine and the feminine to create looks that are unique and appealing to all customers. Andrew Marc designs are created to last through time.

—Kimbally A. Medeiros

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leaders 1354 Moving Sale!!!!

Since Leaders is moving the Bronzville store to a new(Downtown)location really soon, they are having a blowout sale. As a South Side resident am a little disappointed at the move, but as a Businessman I completely understand the strategic move. Overall its a good look for the Leaders and the city, lets not forget you can save up to 80% off right, right, right now........
4351 S. Cottage Grove
Chicago, IL 60653
773.285.1067 Do

Put A Ring On It 4 NYE 2K9 ...

Here are a few eye-poppin' statement rings from Shopbop I chose for All My Single C.O.C.A Style Ladies to complete your wardrobe on NYE 2K9!

Apparently it's the appropriate accessory for the season, especially for NYE when we're all sure that every DJ throughout the world will spin the Sasha Fierce ladies anthems "Single Ladies" and "DIVA" at least 5 times (minimum), which is why you don't want to be caught without it ... TRUST!

Check 'em out and tell me which one compliments you best ... Now go and put a ring on it hunnie bunnie!!!

Kenneth Jay Lane "Leopard" Ring, $74.20

Dannijo Coco "Pearl Flower" Ring, $160

Luc Kieffer "Chain" Ring, $93.50

Kenneth Jay Lane "Star Ring" Ring, $40

Lauren Wolf "Stingray Disc" Ring, $124

Float Like A Butterfly ... Style like Marc!

Check out these Woven Boxer Booties designed by MARC BY MARC JACOBS, $550. Cop these C.O.C.A sneakers @ Shopbop.


If you are cutting back during these hard times like most ... It might make sense to stay away from high price brands. The one thing that you should never compromise is style.

Cloth Logic sounds like the logical choice. The new LA brand can be found between too cheap and too damn high based on their price point, which offers a wide range of vintage-inspired sweaters and jackets under $200.

Lets just say Keep it C.O.C.A by any means necessary!

Hooded Windbreaker, $73

Long Sleeve Button Down, $58

T-Neck Sweater, $68

Baracuda Jacket, $90

C.O.C.A Style: TULLE 4 US

It's always a relief to find newly discovered style sites with great finds. For example, is one of many fashion clients represented by our good buddies at Red Light Public Relations and I must admit how much I love the simplicity and daintiness within each garment, especially the jackets and coats.

If you're in the market for a new jacket/coat for Spring, Tulle is definitely a great website to begin your style search. Check out a few pieces from the Spring 09 collection ...

Cape, $90

Long Sleeved Coat, $130

Quilted Nylon Trench Coat, $105

Drawstring Jacket, $80

Puff Sleeve Trench, $110

Round Collar Coat, $98.

Safari-Chic or Sorry ... Weak???

What do you think about the Jean Paul Gaultier Braided Platform Sandal weighing in @ a whopping $885?

I don't know about you, but it looks like something I've seen before, but @ a much frugal price, lol.

[Source: Eluxury]

Monday, December 29, 2008

C.O.C.A Style Video: D-I-V-A

WTF? Miss B aka Sasha Fierce has definitely been drinking from the R-O-C goblet. I see a bit of every element throughout this video which makes up a true D-I-V-A. She's sassy, classy, hood aka Niecey, independent, cocky, self-assured, redefined, too damn stylish and Miss Thing is definitely feelin' some kinda way hunnie bunnie ... I'm getting my life too hard from this video!


The ROY-G-BIV of Sneakers

Nike Womens Dunk High Premium
Release Date: 01/2009

Style: 317814-111

Colorway: White/White/Varsity Red/Rave Pink

Retail Price: $105.00


Chicago Fashion Week ... Voila or Faux Pas?

According to WWD Chicago Correspondent Beth Wilson, Chicago’s fledgling fashion week may be poised for a makeover.

Looking to strengthen its fall fashion production, called Fashion Focus, city organizers are awaiting results of a pro bono study conducted to show how Chicago’s retail and fashion rank in the international fashion area. The results should help determine future plans for Fashion Focus, said Jason Felger, co-chairman of Mayor Richard Daley’s Fashion Advisory Council.

STYLE NOTE: I'll keep my comments to myself, lol. The true C.O.C.A Style mamis of Chicago know what I mean.


Goodfellas Painting

Fast forward Goodfellas to the scene where Pesci, DeNiro & Liota stop by Pesci's mom's house to get a knife to allegedly hack off a deer's hoof. Pesci's mom is awaken and comes down to show them her painting. This is it. "I love this painting. One dog goes one way. The other one goes the other way. The guy in the middle, is like 'whataya want from me?"

Free Gold Watches launches a series of statement tees for the Men's Spring 2009 collection from Goodfellas and Bo Jackson to Bushwick Bill and Gangster Town, a Sega Genesis Master System classic.

~Images courtesy of Free Gold Watches~


Check out Undrcrwn's designer's blog for exclusive looks, store events and promos, here.

Strange Fruit ...

I'm not sure how far your childhood memories stretch, but my first thoughts of these sneakers put me in the mind of the throwback "Candy Lady" in the hood (circa, before the city started that permit nonsense, lol.) when Cherry Clans, Sour Apples, Sour/Dill pickles with the fat peppermint sticks and DipStix were plentiful ... sigh.

Moving on ... check out the newly released NIKE (Cherry) SKINNY DUNKS, exclusively @ SneakerFreaker, click here for more newbies.


The Sporty Shiny Snowjogger in Silver
Shoes By Rubber Duck, $100 @ KARMALOOP

International Swagger: GSUS Sindustries

It all started out in a skate shop in Arnhem, The Netherlands, back in 1993.

The streetwear scene was still in its early years, but was in need of bit of fresh thinking. "We started out with a couple of tight fit tees to which we applied some (at the time) very funky prints (you could actually use the word funky back then). We then moved on to make a pair of pinstripe cargo pants and as the cherry on the pie we made the (in) famous fur bikini," says GSUS designers.

Before long, the shop had become their very own laboratory and the brand GSUS was born. They sold the first couple of collections out of a car trunk and then moved into their first real office building (old warehouse) in Amsterdam. Now, everything is history ... check out a few C.O.C.A pieces from the Fall/Winter collection. [Source:]