Tuesday, September 30, 2008

H&M+"Like boys"

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) teamed up with Comme des Garçons to create more affordable clothing. For those that don't know Comme des Garçons, French for "like boys", is a Japanese fashion label headed by Rei kawakubo. Look for the line to hit the US in Nov, but like the tag line from one our bredrins Chilly O says: "Hard to get, Easy when you know how!." Check out more pictures from the Mens and Womens here

Folk Clothing fall 2008

Check out the fall 2008 collection from Folk Clothing company. Folk clothing is a London based company that was establish in 2001.Their collections are not trend led but are defined by a handcrafted aesthetic that creates simple staple favourites with subtle, fun and quirky detailing that allows buyers to make a statement without having to shout too loudly about it. Now that's a good look because some "folks" need to tone it down.

John Galliano is the TRUTH!!!!!!

Christian Dior by John Galliano Fall/Winter 2008 collection was described by Style.com's brilliant fashion writer, Sarah Mower as: gigantic back-combed hairdos, equally gigantic eye makeup, and the neat ladylike suits and dresses beloved of Kennedy-era America. It was a trip around what John Galliano called the "optimism and opulence" of the sixties, amped up with bright color, lashings of paillette embroidery, and Western hats.

With Christian Dior, John Galliano is always on point. Lovers of the fashion world can always expect vibrant colors, a detailed history behind the clothing story, dramatic visuals and beautiful accessories. Just as the original designer, Galliano continues to revolutionize the true essence of women's fashion ... pure hauteness indeed!

C.O.C.A Style Fact: Did you know in 2003, the Christian Dior Company donated to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund? Now that's C.O.C.A!

"You're the Boss Applesauce" Andy Warhol

FACTORY GIRL is the story behind Andy Warhol and his muse/best girlfriend (Judy) Edie Sedgwick during a time in the 60's when Pop Art, drugs, Studio 54, Club Kids and meaningless artists capitalized on "poor little rich girls." I absolutely heart this movie, so inspiring, so current, and above all things it digs in on the real person of Andy Warhol ... clearly not as iconic as America has portrayed.

Check out the trailer, then go buy it! The fashion is incredible as well ... Edie was probably the 1st socialite "It" girl of New York.

JACKThreads.com is whutsup!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

VOTE Obama ... or REAGAN???

C.O.C.A Style Papiz ... you can definitely have whatever you like!!!!! Get em girl, pure hauteness! Make sure you pick up your October copy.

The Chronicles of The Male Shopaholic.....

Gone are the days when women are the only ones allowed to wear the label of "shopaholic". In today's society it is not surprising shocking to catch men playing the Oscar worthy role of the "shopaholic". Some may attribute this to the raise of the "Metro-sexual" guy or the decline macho guy but we just say; KEEP YOUR STYLE COCA! I read this article on "How men shop"(a must read for store owners) recently, and found it a little interesting. Here is a little excerpt from the article:

The DNR Survey: How Men Shop
Men are buying more of their own clothes—and are more interested in clothes and the shopping process than some might think—according to the results of DNR’s exclusive survey.

That’s the good news. But in many important respects, guys remain a challenging market for the men’s wear industry to target and service—with practicality, convenience, price, brand familiarity and comfort high on their priorities when it comes to making shopping decisions.

When they choose a store, the most important factor for men isn’t brand selection or even price: It’s a neat and orderly store, with 91 percent of survey respondents saying that is very or somewhat important. “From my days at Louis Boston, we used to call that housekeeping,” says designer Joseph Abboud, who markets his own Jaz collection and is also the creative director for Lord & Taylor’s Black Brown 1826 label. “The selling floor is the face of the store and it provides the first impression to the consumer. It tells a story without a word being spoken, so housekeeping is vital.”

Adds Candace Corlett, president of the consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail: “Guys don’t want to search all over the place. Men have a ‘Let’s just do this’ attitude. We know from our own research that women prefer browsing much more then men.”

While Corlett criticizes some of the housekeeping practices of department stores, that channel does boast a key draw for men: They like to shop a single location and get it over with. More than 80 percent of guys in the DNR survey say it’s very or somewhat important to be able to find everything they need in one store.

“Men are very practical. What that means for retailers is that you have to fulfill their needs then and there, when they are in the store. If you don’t have what they are looking for, they are not coming back later to look again,” says Ari Hoffman, CEO of Gant USA.

In fact, 80 percent of men in the DNR survey say it’s more important for their clothes to be practical than stylish; 87 percent of men say once they find a style they like, they stick with it; and just 55 percent of men say they choose clothes to show a unique sense of style. In contrast, 79 percent of women in a similar survey say they choose clothes that convey a unique sense of style, and 65 percent of women say they are always trying to evolve their personal style.



Janelle Monae is the equivalent of all things innovative in today's music industry as Lauryn Hill was to us and her as well. [Yeah I'm coining her as "1 of the Greats"] Janelle Monae aka Cyndi Mayweather hails from Kansas City, Kansas (not Atlanta) and you probably remember this doll baby from Outkast's Morris Brown video parlaying in the backseat of the Cadillac singing "Hey baby, hollering Hey baby."

What more can I say? She's a proclaimed "Alien from outer space, a cyber girl without a face," as one of the newest faces signed to Bad Boy Entertainment, Ms. Cyndi Mayweather seen on stage is like a ball of energy thrown from Goku mixed with Vegeta. Hands down her performance puts you in the mind of a lady version of Mr. 3 Stacks ... we'll just aka her LADY 3K for the moment!

Check LADY 3K out in the latest issue of GQ and her nouveau video down below, pure hauteness!

C.O.C.A Style Video: Janelle Monae - Many Moons

Model Mondays: Wakeema Hollis

Wakeema Hollis

Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: Memphis, TN
Height: 5'9"; 175cm
Measurements: (US) 32-25-34; (EU) 81-63.5-86.5
Dress Size: (US) 4; (EU) 34
Shoe Size: (US) 9; (EU) 40

By far one of the industry's most slept on fresh faces of today - Wakeema Hollis definitely has that je nais se quoi: almond shaped eyes, check; kissable pout, check; and her signature afro ... all wrapped up in a Southern Belle souffle, pure hauteness!

Wakeema Hollis began modeling at 16. The born and raised Memphian "Baby doll" caught the attention of hometown modeling agency, Colors Agency. By the time she graduated in 2002, Hollis became an internationally known model working in cities such as New York, Paris, London and Milan.

Most recently Hollis has worked for American Eagle, Italian Vogue, Paul Smith, Lilly Pulitzer, Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdale's, Saks, Nordstrom, Moschino, Nylon Japan and French Glamour.

Definitely a C.O.C.A Style Mami!

The Science Of Life

I have an appreciation for designers that focuses on the detail when it comes to designing menswear. One designer that "Knows all about that" might be Jeff Ng aka Jeff Staple. He is the creative force behind Staple Design and The Reed Space, a marriage of urban culture and fantastic design. He his best known for lending his creative skills to sneaker companies like Nike and Puma. Check out some of his fall/winter 2008 collection entitled :"The Science Of Life"

Burberry opens 1st Children's store

As reported on WWD, on Nov. 7, Burberry is set to launch its first freestanding children’s apparel store in New York at the Westchester Mall. According to Eugenia Ulasewicz, President of Burberry USA, the idea of the children's store came from a high demand based off customer feedback. "It was time to take it a step further," replied Ulasewicz.

I'm sure all of our C.O.C.A Style Moms & Dads keeping their little ones in labels are excited about the new Burberry expansion. More stock, better selections and a stylish haven for children - just in time for the holidays!

New PUMA Speedcat's on the Prowl

PH-Certified without question ... PUMA has really outdone themselves this time! Attention ALL C.O.C.A Style Mamis worldwide - if this PUMA Equestrian-style boot isn't in your shoe selection this fall, you're buggin' out totally.

Make sure you treat yourself to a pair before they're gone, wouldn't want you to miss out on these fly sneaker boots.

Puma The Black Label Speedcat Re-Luxe boot, $390. Available at Puma, www.puma.com.