Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can't stop the CROOKS

Crooks & Castles teamed up with Vans to create their first sneaker collection. I actually like some of the t-shirt concepts by Crooks & Castles but I don't know about these sneakers.

Friday, August 29, 2008


To call Michelle Obama one of the most stylish first ladies to be might be an understatement. The only other first lady that might even come close is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis aka "Jackie O". But for those that love Michelle Obama's style, Maria Pinto her favorite designer just opened a Boutique in the West Loop. Maria Pinto, a fine arts graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She creates her looks with attention to detail, draping and structure that she might have learned as associate designer for Geoffrey Beene. No wonder she is Michelle Obama's favorite Designer. If looking elegant is your aim then you must stop in her west loop boutique to keep your style COCA!

Maria Pinto Boutique
135 N Jefferson Street
Chicago, IL 60661

Store hours
Tuesday 10am-6pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5
(Sunday & Monday closed)


UNDR-CRWN presents the Obama O-Face t-shirt.
Last night, big homie Barack took McCain to the paint and dunked on him with no "BITCHASSNESS". He went in on Bush for his ‘failed presidency’ and McCain for not being up to the task of resolving America’s economic and foreign policy problems. Obama did his part thus far, now its up to us to "BARACK THE VOTE" this November, Cuz the Republicans are already on their Chess game. Its looks like McCain selected Sarah Palin, mother of five and the first female governor of Alaska to be the first woman to run on a Republican presidential ticket. This move is aimed directly at the Hillary lovers. The republicans know how sell horse sh@# as roses!! Never the less the Undr-Crwn shirt is COCA!

Converse 100th Anniversary Collection

Converse will celebrate its 100th anniversary with release of these sneakers in October. The collection will feature the Converse Camping Hi and the Jack Purcell B-Generation. Since Nike took a stake in Converse, they have been hitting us with some COCA designs. Check out more pictures here: Converse 100th anniversary collection.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



You might know him as JOSE, or you may know him as MELLO, some of you may not even know him at all. Never the less Chi-Town get familiar with the owner of BORN WITH SOUL Kuts & Kicks Boutique. This isn't your usual barber shop or sneaker shop, nor is Mello your usual business owner. If you are looking for creativity and innovation, then step into KUTS & KICKS BOUTIQUE. Just make sure you show love to the homie that's "BORN WITH SOUL" Mello. Here is what he had to say:

1. How would you define your personal style? One word - fresh.

2. Name some people who have had an influence on your style? I like to think of myself and my style as unique.

3. Name a song that captures your style? Superstar by Lupe Fiasco

4. Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? Most definitely.

5. Can you define cool and what makes someone cool? Cool is something that I like and may not necessarily be main stream. Someone who is cool is not afraid to go against the grain and be themselves.

6. What’s The most you’ve ever spent on clothing or shoes? $10,000 - seriously.

7. What is your favorite shoe of all time? Nike Footscape Woven

8. Who’s your Favorite Fashion Designer? Ralph Lauren

9. How do you stay in tune with the current trends? I don't

10. What is your Favorite Chicago clothing line or independent label? Exist, Enstrumental, Eschmitte

11. What’s your Favorite online clothing store? I don't usually shop online for clothes.

12. Tell us about your barbershop/sneaker store & how you came up with the concept to mesh the two? I decided to blend the two things that I am most passionate about - my job as a barber and being a sneaker collector. I have been a barber for over 15 years and have owned my own shop for 8, and once I started to collect sneakers - buying, selling, trading - I saw an opportunity to wed the two.

13. What clothing do you collect? Polo

14. What trend must die? Oversized clothing

15. How would you define Chicago ’s fashion style? Trendy at best.

16. Why do you think Chicago is never mentioned as a Fashion capital of the country? Because we are in the Midwest, Chicago's style is reflective of other larger cities but has not taken the next step to define a style that is its own.

17. Define the word Hipster & do you feel you’re a hipster? Hipster is a new term to me that is evolving all the time; I see it applied to different types of people. I wouldn't be so quick to attach a label to myself that has not yet been defined.

18. What’s your favorite food spot in the city? Anywhere there's good sushi.

19. What’s your favorite club in the city? Funky Buddha Lounge

20. Any last words for the readers? Be yourself. Dare to be original. Come check out my spot which is definitely a new look and experience for Chicago.

Hand built Chopper by MELLO for sale $18,000, for more info - 773 252 4743

Born With Soul
Kuts & Kicks Boutique
2092 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Christoper Bevans in 09

Check out the new design by Chirstoper Bevans, the former Nike designer who launched his own line in 2007, and has already been worn by people like Jay-Z, Kanye West and John Legend. His designs brings sophistication and a sporty mix to fine tailoring to the fashion game.

Etro Fall 08

Etro is an Italian fashion house founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro and today it is still a family run business. The menswear is headed by Kean Etro, who likes to incorporate bright colors and bold pattern into the mens collections. This is for the guy that wants a little color in his closet, with a lot of style to match. Find out more here...

Creative Recreation Pinestripe Pack

Creative Recreation's Pinstripe pack will be available this fall at high end retail store across the USA. The whole pack drops October 1st, so all you Creative Recreation fans get ready to spend a little. Get more info here...

via Complex

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rewind Fashion show Part 3 (08-22-08)