Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Macy's has chosen (from left) Ashley Zygmunt, Alonzo Jackson, Cynthia Ryba, Catherine Furio, Jess Audey and Nora Del Busto to move into the State Street Incubator for a one-year stay beginning March 1.

Major CONGRATS are in order to our fellow style brotha, Zoe aka Mr. Fashion Geek Clothing who is making crazy moves throughout the city of Chicago as 1 of 6 exclusive designers to join Macy's Fashion Incubator team.

Now that's a good look homeboi, check out the article that Chicago Sun-Times' writer, Sandra Guy wrote, here. And make sure ya'll check'n out Zoe's blog as he schools viewers on the latest trends, his fav labels and exclusive Fashion Geek Clothing designs.