Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She ain't kinda HOT ... She's KaSuna!!!

Someone you should know ... Chicago C.O.C.A Style mami and emerging hairstylist/wardrobe stylist Kasuna "Peaches" Habler is breezing her way through NYC with a Windy City swagg so mean she snagged major points with fashion expert William "Willie Styles" Rawls, former Fashion Director of The Source Magazine.

Residing in Harlem, Kasuna is constantly on the move and not afraid to take chances even if the job calls for a smaller task.

Peaches describes her hustle:

"My hustle is my talent and testimony, my talents with time will feed me, my family and friends. While my testimony will enhance my strengths to push and practice my talents that much harder"

When asked to define style ... Peaches says "I like to think of style as a person's DNA ... Basically it's a fingerprint to one's personality"

[The Source Magazine - March Issue]

For more information on Kasuna "Mz. Peaches" Habler, hit her up on FACEBOOK or take a look on her website, here.