Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my style speaks volumes ... nevermind my face.

BRAND PHILOSOPHY: CAMO is the abbreviation of “camouflage” which means: disguised, camouflaged. It is pronounced in the same way in all the languages of the world and it is often used to indicate a specific pattern of any product.You can find it in different colors but it remains always the same because it is a thought, an idea.CAMO is the easiest and purest root of their “idea” and “project”; it is part of the phrase “ a camo tiger world”: a tiger camouflaged in the world.The items of the CAMO collection use tissues born with specific purposes and then modify by them, so camouflaged under other meanings, telling there inspirations and their will to astonish and play remaining inside the borders and the rules given by society. Their purpose is not to wear people, but to put them in touch with what they wear.

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