Thursday, February 5, 2009

C.O.C.A Style Designers: SonyaRenee Jewelry

About SonyaRenee

Sonyarenée Jewelry is a line of simple and elegant pieces designed specifically to be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.

Sonyarenée jewelry was created in 2002 by Gina Renée Peranio & Desiree Sonya Taylor who combined their middle names to form the entity, sonyarenée L.L.C. Desiree & Gina first became friends in high school on the volleyball and basketball court... they also shared a passion for creating things. Desiree attended college at Oklahoma University where she played as a scholarship athlete on the women’s basketball team and obtained her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2004 Gina became sonyarenée’s sole owner.

Gina has been creating jewelry for herself and others since 1995 when she took a class on Macramé and started selling hemp jewelry to her high school peers. She continued as an entrepreneur throughout college while getting her Bachelors degree in Public Relations & Marketing from Texas Tech University. While attending Tech initially on a soccer scholarship, Gina maintained a small business and sold jewelry to fellow students.

After graduating from Texas Tech in 2001 Gina entered the business world and still maintained her passion for jewelry as a side business. After working in commercial real estate for several years in Downtown Dallas, Gina realized her true passion for jewelry design and began to focus more time on expanding her emerging line. In January 2007 Gina went to New York to participate in her first major trade show. Finding success, she was able to leave the corporate world and devote 100% of her time and energy to sonyarenée Jewelry.

In 2006 Gina married her lucky husband Chris and they obsess over their dogs Willie & Magnolia. Gina feels very fortunate and excited to be living her dream and continues to experience rapid growth and success.

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