Friday, October 31, 2008

"When you're going into a recession, you need to do things way up and beyond expectation"

I heart! From the virtual fashion reports of Candy Pratts Price to the latest collections to grace the runway, it's a devine resource for all things of style. For example, check out the style video above with colorful footage of Paris Fashion Week 2008. Paris, another fetish of mine, its like New York Fashion Week on dope and everyone was in attendance, including one of my fav fashion journalist, Michael Roberts, Vanity Fair's fashion and style director ... he is the truth! Do yourself justice stylenistas and catch up on Mr. Roberts, clearly he didn't just fester onto the scene. Read about him here.

Who Says Women Aren't Funny?, Vanity Fair April 2008 issue, styled by Michael Roberts.

Style icon Daphne Guiness, posing in Alexander McQueen, in London. Photographed by Michael Roberts.