Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John Galliano is the TRUTH!!!!!!

Christian Dior by John Galliano Fall/Winter 2008 collection was described by Style.com's brilliant fashion writer, Sarah Mower as: gigantic back-combed hairdos, equally gigantic eye makeup, and the neat ladylike suits and dresses beloved of Kennedy-era America. It was a trip around what John Galliano called the "optimism and opulence" of the sixties, amped up with bright color, lashings of paillette embroidery, and Western hats.

With Christian Dior, John Galliano is always on point. Lovers of the fashion world can always expect vibrant colors, a detailed history behind the clothing story, dramatic visuals and beautiful accessories. Just as the original designer, Galliano continues to revolutionize the true essence of women's fashion ... pure hauteness indeed!

C.O.C.A Style Fact: Did you know in 2003, the Christian Dior Company donated to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund? Now that's C.O.C.A!