Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nom de Guerre Fall/Winter 2009

"It is a punishable act to put to private use knowledge gained in the army. Man can become his own educator, teacher, and in a way, his own creator.…and because it’s all a lie, it’s also the truth. Truth is a lie…In films, lies are dressed up as ideas and shown as truths. That’s my idea of utopia–the only one there is which does not cancel out pre-determined dependence …or the total solidarity by which he, as a living being…He is linked to the social world of which he is a product. In this world where everything is…and continues to be…a relative cause of relatively new effects …the instinct to command others……is a carnivorous, savage instinct. Dedicated to one who truly lives, so to no one, probably."

Label: Nom de Guerre

Season: Fall/Winter 2009