Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Life/ My Hustle: Anna Hovet

A Hustler is defined as: an enterprising person determined to succeed; A "GO"-getter! With that said we introduce our new section entitled: My Life/My Hustle, where we feature rising "GO"-getters making there way against all odds. First up Anna Hovet. What's her hustle? FASHION

AKIRA: I started working at AKIRA in college when they only had 2 stores. I worked for them for almost 3 years learning from them and watching them grow. Gaining knowledge of retail sales, styling, and fashion show coordination has helped me be a well-rounded designer.

Favorite Designer: I have a great amout of respect for Vivienne Westwood. She pulls much of her influence from streetwear and for years her designs have had a sexy and rebellious nature that I love.

Inspiration: Music + Art + People. I constantly surround myself with people who inspire me ascetically, personally, and mentally.

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