Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hypebeast x Dee and Ricky interview ...

BIG UPS 2 Hypebeast for interviewing two of the Fashion Industry's most underground and raw talented twin designers, Dee & Ricky. If you're unfamiliar with the FlyyDuo, they're responsible for the LEGO heart pin Kanye rocked on the cover art of 808's & Heartbreaks ... check out the interview below!

Q&A with Dee & Ricky

What were you guys doing before fashion?

D+R: It depends around what time. The past 11 years in a nutshell included: shoplifting, loitering in downtown Manhattan/Brooklyn, skating, playing with LEGOS, riding the Staten Island Ferry everyday, chilling with hot Spanish women, bb guns and sling shots and such. Mad bad shit in school, watching cartoon network and those Saturday morning cartoons. Mighty Max was the shit and so were the Ghostbusters.

Read full Q&A here ...