Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let them wear 'Red Bottoms'?

Just when I thought Mr. Louboutin couldn't do any wrong he strikes as a mortal, this time teaming up with Jean-Francois Lesage to create the women's version of the Air Yeezy sneaker - Introducing the Christian Louboutin x Jean-Francois Lesage decadent Marie Antoinette heels.

Released in February, these highly anticipated, highly expensive 36 pairs of Marie Antoinette-inspired shoes were definitely sold exclusively in selected Christian Louboutin boutiques. The $6,295 blue, ballerina pink or yellow peep-toe heels have been elaborately decorated and featured with dainty ribbons and embroidery ... Let's just say this shoe is totally unlike any other pair on Earth.

For special perks each shoe is accompanied by a customized shoebox and a book containing construction details ... Wow, your very own construction detail booklet, groundbreaking?