Saturday, June 20, 2009

International Swagger: LEGO CHAIN GAME CRAZY!

Bwoywonder, Creator of the Lyrics4Lyrics Lego Chains

Russell Simmons rockin' Def Jam Lego Chain

Mr. N.E.R.D rockin' Spongebob Lego Chain

Variety of custom-made Lego charms ...

Exclusive Lego stud earrings ...

Daffy Duck inspired Lego Chain

L4L Connect Four Chain

It's been about a year now and Bwoywonder is still keeping the streets buzzing like crazy over these custom piece LEGO creations. From the infamous Mario & Yoshi chains to the LEGO studded earrings, the London native has it on lock ... No he didn't 'swagger jack' Dee & Ricky LEGO or they didn't sample his creations, sometimes great minds think alike - Who knows maybe we can get a collab jewelry line adorned with Swarovski crystals, now that would be C.O.C.A!!!

Holla @ the Bwoywonder on Myspace or send your requests here.


Anonymous said...

Sad they this guy can't admit he stole the whole concept from Dee & Ricky. Sad sad sad. Dee & Ricky made solid gold lego ear rings years ago. This guy is a typical lame. Enjoy it your one trick and the pony. lol.