Monday, May 18, 2009

Gladiator Sandals for men?

Here are the new Gladiator sandals for Men by Top Man. Gladiator look shoes has been the one of the biggest crave in Women's shoe fetish lately and might be catching on the Men's side as well. I personally don't see myself rocking these scandals, but we should always keep an open mind to new or renewed style. Ladies can your Man pull these off?


Anonymous said...

only if hes a spartan

Anonymous said...

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P-Jay said...

Why does men's fashion always have to be critiqued and require approval from women? They don't ask men if it's okay that they wear pants, ties, suits or boxers.... they just take them. So empower yourself as a man and just wear what you want. Don't let women dictate the little fashion men have because that's why we don't have fashion now.
Wear the gladiators if you want to!

Anonymous said...

Well why not? Gladiator sandals are named for the men who wore them in ancient times. Why can't a modern man wear them without being ridiculed? Why are men pushed into such a narrow fashion area -- women can wear just about anything and no one cares. My husband wears them, but only once in a while.

António said...

I love gladiator sandals. Here in Portugal it's difficult to find gladiator men sandals. Where can i find it?