Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Swag Bag of the Week: Marni Bags

This week Marni is the chosen Swag Bag of the Week based on how the designers are fearless when it comes to creating these iconic things we carry with pride. Sometimes choosing the perfect bag is like shopping for your diamond ring: cut, carat and color or clarity are the tools used to land the best choice possible. These same tactics are utilized when we shop for bags, take Marni for example - besides its high retail prices, the design of the bags are pure genius. (Left: Marni Shoulder Bag, $1,655)

From clutches to shoulder bags these Marni creations can definitely take your look to another level. Below are a few from the spring collection to give you examples of how to step up your bag game by implementing color, shape and style ... you're in a league of your own either way, just try something different this season, but never go broke trying to keep up!

Marni Ballon Bag (Green), $1.485
Marni Shoulder Bag (Lipstick), $1,880