Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jeff Staple mashKulture on iDiom 2010 Collection

mashKulture.net recently did a brief interview with Jeff Staple from Staple Design, about the 2010 iDiom collection. Even though this collection is gear towards snowboarding, we are feeling this jackets for the cold winters in the city we called CHI.

mashKULTURE: How does the new iDiom collection differ from previous collections?

Jeff Staple: There was a lot more concentration on benefits for the backcountry rider such as Transceiver pockets, Walkie Talkie pockets, modifications made for riding with a backpack, etc… Each season we revisit every detail of iDiom. So nothing is a repeated style with different colors. You’ll also see little details like iPod Shuffle compartments, Gorilla Tape reinforcement at stress points and a new take on belt loop and cuff closures.

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