Monday, April 13, 2009

Are U A To orist?

TO-ORIST (pronounced 'tourist') n. 1. A neurotic fixated on exploring uncharted territory whether physically or mentally with no limitation. 2. An object of situation that appears Jarring. 3. SHEER ABNORMALITY

Centred on exploration (hence the name) To-orist exists in a clandestine realm. The line is often characterised by its art directed experiments with terrestrial science and archaeological imagery involving holographic zebras and illuminated sarcoghagi. Leopard prints and hand palm x-rays. The pieces are designed to be timeless signature concepts. The shape stays the same throughout and all garments are handmade.

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Anonymous said...

binoculars are dopppppeee

Vans said...

I am a To-Orist!!
Gotta love swahili talent