Friday, March 27, 2009

Shoe Shine: Omelle Spring/Summer 2009








Omelle is really taking over with women's luxury footwear this season. Alot of leather bases, wood grain and corkscrew heels really shows their originality. Below is a quick background on how the line originated and the founders, Cherise Angelle and Nicole LaFave.

It started with a spark, something akin to the perfect pair of boots. Amidst illustrations, scrap fabrics and inspiration boards at LA's prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, two shoe-obsessed designers discovered a common interest—luxury footwear with a distinct and imaginative voice. Combining a singular vision with years of experience, Cherise Angelle and Nicole LaFave have created a partnership dedicated to serving the sophisticated shopper, a lady who not only speaks in style but continually lives in it.

With a background rich in style, business and design—Angelle has worked in luxury product placement, while LaFave has honed her talents in graphic and knitwear design, working as an art director and self-employed designer—each woman offers a unique and varied background which helps to guide their direction. While Angelle appeals to the high-end sophisticate with a penchant for pumps and pearls, LaFave draws from her artistic roots, setting a new pace in fashion. When mixed and melded, the outcome is Omelle, or (ähm' elle), a new voice and vision within the luxury footwear industry.

If ya just getting back ya tax money and feel like splurging, get ya purchase power on here.

You Go Girl!