Monday, March 9, 2009

The obsession that is ... KAmber!

The obsession that is ... KAmber [Kanye + Amber] - where does one begin? We all know how yummy Ye is and his arm pieces evolves along with his albums, lol. I'm just sayin' the C.O.C.A Style mami Amber Rose gives me fashion on a daily ... what doesn't this chick look fly in? IDK about you, but the two-some reminds me of the new age Andy and Eddy minus the blotchy skin and pseudo homo scene, talk about inspiration!

Stay tuned for more updates on KAmber as they wrap-up the Paris Fashion Week scene ... SO NICE!


Anonymous said...

This is a pathetic excuse for a blog post. Even for a quasi wanna be social elitist blog that exploits and observes the highest degrees of dandyism through it's own objective volition. Please stick to fashion. I think some of the focus has been lost here. This is not a gossip column. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Remember, this is not Hollywood. Talk about inspiration? Talk about a narcissistic personality disorder precariously dependent on the miasma of outside superficial influence. But, I still wish ya'll the best!


The Guy on the Futon

Chairmen Of The Board said...

We give credit where it is due Lazy Boy. This post was to show how Kanye took a stripper and turned her into a Fashionable chic. A modern day Pretty Woman basically. The focus is on their look together not their relationship. Fix Ya Face.


Chairman Of The Board

Anonymous said...

lol @ Lazy Boy ... dude is a lame if ya'll ask me at least we got a click from him. And how the hell u know what their focus is? it's clear it's FASHION and all things within it ... overall A BLOG U A DAME LAME COUCH BOY, Lol.

-her eyes were watching him-