Monday, March 16, 2009

Kato, Can do this Spring

Kato is the Japanese brand by denim maestro, Hiroshi Kato. Kato was a long time denim consultant before he decided to launch his own eponymous label in 1999, a brand that would be defined by quality. Based in Kyoto, Kato has access to the most intimate Japanese textile traditions.

Kato only uses specific fabrics along with innovative treatments, all made in Japan to bring together a highly detailed denim and outerwear line. Organic Zimbabwe cotton is featured throughout the collection, whilst the indigo is sourced from producers who ferment twice harvested indigo underground in pots for 25 years. It is this dedication to using the finest ingredients and shifting responsibility away from machines to the artisan craftsman that defines Kato products.

However -whilst man is a tool for completing a garment, the garment can't be completed without the personality of the wearer. So says Kato philosophy.

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Robin Akira said...


just read in 'senken shimbun' that Kato (team kit) has been sold to CaiTec a large trading company who have a history of breaking up small companies and 'franchising' the name off into the mass market

has anyone else heard this?