Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Veja SPMA High Top's

Here is the first look @ three exclusive colorways in the new Veja SPMA high top style. SP, MA stands for Sao Paulo, Mon Amour. The high top Veja SP, MA collection has been thought of as an ode to Sao Paulo. the collection, made of ecological leather has been inspired by the electrical and improvised artistic creation of the Brazilian metropolis.

Created in 2005 in France, Veja is the first label of ecological and fair trade trainers.
Organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, ecological leather; the Veja trainers are made in Brazil respecting both human and the environment. Veja works in Brazil with small producers organized into co-operatives. Organic cotton comes from the North East of Brazil, a dry and poor area. The soles of the trainers are made in wild rubber that comes from the Amazon, the only place of Earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. Using Amazonian rubber allows rubber tappers to live on rubber harvesting and fights against deforestation. The trainers are assembled in South Brazil respecting dignity. In France, a social charity that helps people to reintegrate with society is in charge of the deliveries. Veja has created a global chain that promotes solidarity and environmental responsibility from small producers in Brazil to the public.

These are available for pre-order @ oki-ni