Thursday, February 19, 2009


Originally designed as workwear and adopted by farmers and gold prospectors, Levi's jeans were built to last. The USA was already in the grip of The Great Depression during the mid 1930s, when severe drought caused thousands of people to migrate south from The Great Plains to California. The Dust Bowl catastrophe or the 'Dirty Thirties' turned the sky black as hundreds of acres of fertile land was blown to dust.

With their lives in the balance, fashion was not high on the list of priorities. Dark or light shades of denim; worn-in or worn-out - it didn't matter. Adopting a make-do-and-mend attitude these true survivors dressed in the best they could; waste not, want not- the smallest item had value.

Levis Vintage 1955 501 Jeans
Levi's Vintage 1947 501 rigid Jeans
Levi's Vintage 1950's Western Wear Heavy Smoke Shirt
Levi's Vintage Golden Ochre 505's

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