Saturday, February 7, 2009

C.O.C.A Style Designers: Jhung Yuro

Launched in 2005, Jhung Yuro [pronounced "Young Euro"] was created when designers Jhung Yuro and Ceasar Lunix recognized a void in the men's luxury lifestyle footwear marketplace. Jhung Yuro is a luxury lifestyle brand that yields detail, quality hand craftsmanship and limited availability in the marketplace with it's products.

The name Jhung Yuro is the nickname for the creative mind behind the brand and is essentially a play on words derived from a young mindset that has influences from the seven continents of the world. Product and brand concepts are driven by global culture which includes architecture, food, fashion and social interaction with different cultures that span across the globe.

The Jhung Yuro consumer is a world traveler and jet-setter that loves the finer things in life and has disposable income. He is a materialist of the first order and espouses simple luxuries, viewing them as necessities rather than desires. Jhung Yuro connects the consumers to the ultimate in luxury.

For more selections, check out the website, here.

Crepe - Dark Pea - Men

Candy Stripe Orange - Women

Gucci Cup Mid Sneakers - Men